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January 12th, 2021 | seoteam
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Try as you might to keep your home or office clean, your space can sometimes take on an odor that’s hard to get rid of. Homeowners and business owners don’t always know where to look for the source of these odors, but the professionals at Tahoe Clean Air do. Residents and businesses in the Tahoe-Reno area usually think of Tahoe Clean Air when they need air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and UV air purifier installation services, but we also provide sanitizing and odor removal services.


Purging Homes & Offices of Odors

Some odors are more stubborn than others. One of the hardest to get rid of completely is smoke. The smoky odor in your home may have originated from a small fire, such as burned food, your fireplace or a guest who smoked cigarettes indoors.

While a smoky smell that lingers after you burned the toast is annoying, a buildup of creosote in your chimney or cigarette smoke embedded in your furniture, draperies and other textiles is downright unhealthy.

Other common sources of odors in the home are pet urine or feces, garbage, and new items that give off a chemical smell such as flooring or plastic tablecloths. The solution is different for each problem.

For instance, for pet odors, you may need to replace carpeting or furniture. A pervasive smell of rotting food could be coming from your refrigerator, trash can, garbage disposal, outdoors or from another source. Once we determine where it’s coming from, we can solve the problem.

Phew — What’s That Smell?!

Frequently when you encounter an unpleasant smell, you’re familiar with it — but not always. Sometimes you don’t know what is causing the odor or where it is coming from. That’s when you need to call the professionals at Tahoe Clean Air.

We’re the experts in locating the source of odors and getting rid of them once and for all. Whether you have a dead rodent in the attic, a drainage issue or mold, rest assured we will figure it out and take care of it.

How Tahoe Clean Air Can Help

When you call Tahoe Clean Air for help with an odor at your home or office, we locate the source of the smell, then we remove it and clean the area. We use professional cleaning solutions and tools designed to remove the most powerful odors.

Odors are bothersome and unpleasant, but sometimes they are more serious than that, and can cause legitimate health problems. Whether the odor in your Reno/Tahoe-area home or business is annoying or even unsafe, the team at Tahoe Clean Air can take care of it for you.

Call us whenever you need sanitizing and odor removal, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning UV air purifier installation or any of our clean air services. We help you breathe easier.

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